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The software based AI solution offers you the following services:

  • The Artificial Intelligence performs automatic rephrasing, rewriting and paraphrases Texts, Articles, URLs
  • Can be used in social media, blogs, vlogs, office, professional services, sales, ecommerce or business
  • Saves you time to create new unique copies of existing article texts
  • Free of charge, free to use, no costs for using the paraphrasing tool

We solve the following problems for you:

  • Users, Marketing Experts and professionals need support for the creation of:
    1. Marketing content, online content, texts, articles, blog entries or product descriptions in ecommerce and business,
    2. Articles for social media channels for regular postings on different plattforms,
    3. Create content for branding as an influencer,
    4. Texts for writing scientific thesis at colleges or universities, e.g. for finals or bachelor and master thesis,

Our services helps you to create unaique copies of your existing texts and articles. With our help you can create new plagarism free texts from existing webpages, office documents, powerpoint or PDF files. offers advanced paraphrasers with AI technology. We have developed a perfect rewriting tool for writers based on modern deep learning technology. It works by rephrasing sentences and making paragraphs free from plagiarism. The best reasons to use our free services are:

  • Paraphrase up to 750 words
  • AI powered paraphrasing tool
  • Software tries to improve sentence structure and optimize results

Free Paraphrasing tool

  1. Free Paraphrasing tool
  2. Paraphraser tool
  3. How to use the Paraphrasing tool?
  4. Paraphrase definition, meaning and usage
  5. Understanding of a topic
  6. Preserves your integrity
  7. Get rid of plagiarism
  8. One Click Download

1. Free Paraphrasing tool

Use our tool paraphraser tool to change words with a synonym or rewrite essays and articles. It has also been used to find new ways to express phrases, sentences or single words. It is also used as an anti-plagiarism tool. As when the text is paraphrased, it eliminates the plagiarism and makes the content unique. Regardless whether you want to rewrite text for websites, business documents or emails, the rewrite tool from check-plagiarism. Applications that benefit from text rewritten by the Paraphrasing Tool range from blogs and websites with high-quality content to facilitating the exchange of ideas for essays or creative writing projects. Paraphrasing software is a free document rewriting that replaces and recreates the phrase framework as intended, without changing the true meaning of your article.

2. Paraphraser tool

Paraphrasing is usually done in the form of longer words, which means that only a general sense and utterance are given. Paraphrasing tool in research work In research work, paraphrasing is a useful tool, although like many other things, it no longer serves its function excessively. Paraphrasing is most often used by the teacher when he wants to better understand the researcher's statement and therefore shows that he is actively listening.

3. How to use the Paraphrasing tool?

Add your text in the textfield and click "Paraphrase". The input article will be analyzed by our enhanced and reliable grammar correction engine. After that and advanced typesetting rephraser based on Artificial intelligence will rewrite and rephrase your content and output plagiarism-free content that is SEO-friendly.

  • Paste it into the textfield in step 1
  • Click on the "Paraphrase" button
  • Your text will be analyzed by our advanced Paraphrasing tool, change synonyms, change complete sentences and create a new free content from your existing article
  • With the appropriate synonyms, the paraphrase AI bot will rewrite your text
  • The final product will be plagiarism-free seo-optimized content fresh for your business

  • Our professional Paraphrasing tool is fast, safe, uses professional AI and is free
  • This online Paraphrasing tool or Word Rewriter is free and time-saving
  • No login or registration required
  • It makes your submitted content unique and SEO friendly
  • All browsers and devices are compatible with the paraphrase or reformulation tool

4. Paraphrase definition, meaning and usage

What exactly does rephrasing or paraphrasing mean? Analyzing the meaning of sentences, writing thoughts, changing and altering the content of an input article. It also means recreating or reformulating the work that contained the content, sometimes adding to it and interpreting it with freedom, but within the limits that ensure that the original is clearly recognized. The language here rewritten is valid. A paraphrase generator is a software that understands the content of an text and correctly parses and rewrites it.Paraphrasing is usually done powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and understand sense, tone, language profile, knowledge, intelligence and utterance.

5. Understanding of a topic

Just an example. You need to fully understand an important, scientific or technical topic but the used terms are hard to understand. For this usage case our paraphrase tool could easily help you to proceed. Put your content to the corresponding textfield and it will paraphrase texts in a way that is easy to comprehend and understand. For these business cases we have created this free nline Paraphrasing tool.

6. Preserves your integrity

Plagiarism cannot be accepted because its unethical and people do not steal copyrighted material or texts. Keep your integrity as a student who is writing its thesis, a researcher doing scientific studies in any class or field, teacher or pupil. Use your own words and thoughts to create content and keep the ethic level to its highest standards. If you use content from other sources like websites, office documents, texts or study material you either have to rewrite it yourself, use a text rewrite tool or simply use the exact text and quote the original author. Modern paraphrasers remove duplicates from the created content and your can use this texts for your own purposes. With our AI powered softare of rephrase online, you could summarize information from existing enhanced document and find our the most important facts as the paraphrase tool will not only rewrite but also sum up all needed facts based on your complete input.

7. Get rid of plagiarism

Plagiarism is the biggest thread for writers. Plagiarism can damange your credibility and do serious harm to your job and career. Our rewriter tool creates completly new texts from your input and helps you to step ahead of plagiarism. Our deduplication engine will create plagiarism-free content for you, your business and will save your career. It is done automatically and rewrites and article online in an easy way to avoid this plague. Our integrated online plagiarism checker will make sure that the procsess of of rephrasing sentences is done in a way that benefits you and the services you provide. Our text rewrite online can be used to rewrite a longer text without typing a single word. Just input the text and get fresh content fast.

8. One Click Download

The paraphrasing process of rewriting text is finished then you can download your original text and also the AI enhanged plagiarism-free free paraphrased and unique text copy. The results are created by AI to help the users to get their fresh content in no time. We want to save you time and efford - our tool works super fast to paraphrase your text article. Our databases don't store or transfer your data to other sources. Once the paraphrasing of your article is complete and has been provided back to you online, the tool removes your data securely from the database. Our services works with every browser, works on PC, Laptop, Macbook, Android Tablet, any iOS device like iPad or iPhone and is free of costs.